The Program at New Beginning Ministry

Alcohol and substance abuse recovery in Beach Lake, PA: A simple and effective program of action at an affordable cost.
The Evergreen Lodge at New Beginning Ministry

New Beginning Ministry is also a nondenominational, Christian centered retreat facility designed to embrace the individuality of each person and offer a safe environment of prayer, study, work and rest that will bring spiritual and emotional healing. We are a private, nonprofit human service organization that serves all those in need, regardless of race, color, or creed - we do not discriminate.

New Beginning Ministry features a main lodge, guest rooms with private baths, a large country-style dining room, a well appointed meeting/reception room, front and back porches, a full service commercial kitchen and quiet rooms. The second building, Joel's House, is a nine bedroom house with three bathrooms, front and back porches, and a comfortable lounge. Our third building has three rooms with private baths, a laundry facility, and staff quarters.

The facility also has a host of recreational amenities including:

  • Basketball court
  • Table games
  • World Class Gym
  • Volleyball, Ping Pong, Wiffle Ball and Badminton
  • Movie Nights
  • Over 6.5 acres to walk

Program Schedule

8:00AM Breakfast
9:00AM Daily Reflections
  Group Discussion
10:00AM Living Sober
  Group Discussion
11:00AM Chores
  Daily Readings
11:30AM Soul Food (Spirituality Reading Before Lunch)
Noon Lunch
1:00PM Guest Meeting (see below)
3:00PM Guest Meeting (see below)
4:30PM Monday and Wednesday Only - Bible Study
6:00PM Dinner
7:30PM Tuesday Only - James Recovery Group
8:00PM Guest Meeting (see below)

Monday Recovery Video or Audio Meeting
Tuesday Anger Management Workshop
Wednesday Twelve & Twelve Meeting
Thursday Recovery Workshop
Friday New Life Workshop

Monday Men's/Women's Meeting
Tuesday Anger Management Workshop
Friday Anger Management Workshop

Monday AA Step Meeting
Tuesday James Recovery Group - Sermon & Meeting
Wednesday NA Candlelight Open Discussion
Thursday AA "Big Book" Meeting
Friday Open AA Speaker Meeting
Saturday AA Open Discussion
Sunday NA Open Discussion Meeting

Saturday 1:00PM - 5:00PM
Sunday 1:00PM - 5:00PM


For immediate admission please call 1-888-660-8709 or complete the form below.

    Please note:
  • All guests must be aged 18 or older
  • Reviews of health status and medications will be conducted prior to admission
  • You must be abstinent from alcohol and illicit drugs for 72 hours
  • You will be required to sign an agreement to meet guest expectations and participate in all program activities
  • Payment for minimum four weeks stay (non refundable)


Interventions at New Beginning Ministry (Beach Lake, PA)Do you know someone who needs an intervention because they do not want to quit?

We all hope that one day the alcoholic or addict will "wake up" and perform their own intervention on themselves, realizing the damage they are causing to themselves and those around them, however this rarely happens, typically, even the begging, pleading, and threats of friends and family have no effect. We eventually feel that we can do nothing to help. Frustration and hopelessness sinks in.

With an Intervention you can change their mind! Without some form of an intervention, most addicts are doomed to repeat an ever-worsening cycle. Although in some cases, the heartfelt pleas of the family are enough for the addict to realize that he/she needs to change, more often than not, some form of professional guidance is necessary.

New Beginning has Nationally Certified and Pennsylvania Certified Interventionists available for those that need interventions.

Contact us today for information on our intervention services.